Children are not little adults!

Children’s teeth and faces change as they grow, they have an amazing capacity to heal and adapt to their environment. At Kids Dental, we want to channel the way their teeth ‘grow in’ so that we can give your child the best possible set of teeth that nature intended, and hopefully avoiding orthodontic braces in the future.

Think of it as ‘pre’ orthodontics!

What can we do about it?

Early detection and treatment is best! At the age of 4-10, your child’s permanent teeth are coming through into their mouth, and this is the best time to try to improve their teeth and jaws the natural way (without braces)! We can discuss all your child’s options at the consultation appointment, but below is a brief summary of what things we can do to help.

a) Oral Myology - (Oral Myofunctional Therapy)

It is very important that we teach your child the correct exercises to move the muscles of their face, lips and tongue in the proper way. This will improve their speech, eating, and sometimes it can even help their sleeping!

b) Myomunchee
For young children (between 1-5), a Myomunchee is a great alternative to a pacifier or ‘dummy’ and as treatment to stop thumb sucking. It looks just like a little mouth guard that your toddler can chew on as much as they like, and help strengthen their jaws at the same time.
c) Myobrace
For older children, the next step up is a special mouth guard called a Myobrace. It is worn 2-3 x a day for an hour each time, and at night. It is designed to guide the permanent teeth ‘coming through’ into the right position, and helps your child improve their lip and tongue posture at the same time.
Our aim at Kids Dental is to aim for straighter teeth without braces - by harnessing your child's growth naturally!

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