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WINZ Dental Emergency Support

You may be entitled a $300 dental grant from WINZ if you are on a benefit, pension or student allowance. It is available for emergency dental care, e.g. for treatment of an abscessed or sore tooth, broken fillings, or dentures (false teeth).

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Are you eligible for a WINZ dental grant?

You are eligible for the WINZ emergency dental grant if you receive:

• Domestic Purposes Benefit

• Independent Youth Benefit

• Invalid’s Benefit

• Sickness Benefit

• Unemployment Benefit

Come into our clinic for your WINZ dental quote today. We will assess your mouth and give you an estimate of costs for any urgent dental care you need. You will then need to go to your local WINZ office to discuss with your case worker whether this grant can be given to you.

You may still be eligible for WINZ support even if you do not receive any of the benefits outlined above.

Please contact your local WINZ office for more information.

ACC Quotes

If you have been involved in an accident involving damage to your teeth, we may be able to help you get your smile back.

Here at Southern Care Dental, we can offer an ACC quote (free of charge, which includes x-rays) to examine your teeth after any accidents, for example sports injuries like rugby, or after a fall. Then we can also apply on your behalf to ACC to see if they will give you any financial help to get your teeth back to original, pre-accident condition.

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